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  a broad spectrum antibiotics
CLAMOXI injection
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Injectable solution
Target animal(s) Swine, Bovine, Companion animal
Packing 50ml, 100ml vial

Each mL contains
Amoxycillin trihydrate ………………… 140 mg (base)
Potassium clavulanate ………………… 35 mg (base)

Feature and Benefits
Resistance to many antibiotics is caused by beta-lactamases enzymes which destroy the antibiotic before it can act on the bacteria themselves. The clavulanic acid in CLAMOXI injection counteracts this defence mechanism by inactivating the beta-lactamases, thus rendering the bacteria sensitive to amoxycillin's rapid bacterial effect, at concentrations readily attainable in the body. Therefore, CLAMOXI injection shows a good bactericidal action against both of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria which have resistance and cause a wide range of diseases.

Cattle : For treatment of respiratory infection, soft tissue infection (arthritis, omphalitis, abscess, etc), metritis, mastitis.

Swine : For treatment of respiratory infection, colibacillosis, postpartum infection(metritis, mastitis, agalctia syndrome, etc)

Dogs, Cats : For treatment of respiratory infection, urinary system infection, soft tissue infection(abscess, anal sac, periodontitis, etc)

Dosage and Use
Inject 0.05mL per kg of body weight once a day 3~5 consecutive days.

Precaution(s) and others
1.Withdrawal period : Swine - 21 days, Cattle - 28 days (Milk - 4 days).
2.Treat it in accordance with the direction of your veterinarian.