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Injectable solution PENSTREP L/A injection
  a long acting antibiotics combination (by IM injection)
Injectable solution samu AMIKACIN injection
  a therapeutic agent for dog enteritis (by IM or subcutaneous injection...
Injectable solution SULFABERIN injection
  an intestinal normalizer / antidiarrheal (by subcutaneous or IV inject...
Injectable solution AMCILIN-P injection (powder for inj.)
  a bactericidal broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM or IV injection)
Injectable solution NEOTRIL-50 injection
  a broad spectrum quinolone-synthetic antibacterial agent (by IM or sub...
Injectable solution MOXI-150 LA injection
  a bactericidal broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM injection)
Injectable solution CLEPEN-SM injection (powder)
  a broad spectrum antibiotics combination (by IM or subcutaneous inject...
Soluble powder MYCILLIN soluble powder
  a combination agent of antibiotics
Liquid Ear Cop Solution
Powder Neoramine
  antibiotics for digestive organs of dog
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