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Soluble powder MEGAFEN aqua
  a new broad spectrum synthetic anitibacterial agent
Soluble powder CLINDA aqua
  a broad spectrum antibiotics for streptococcosis of fish
Oral liquid MEGAFENㆍFISH solution
  a broad spectrum antibiotics for fish
Oral liquid samu FLUMEQUINE Liquid
  a therapeutics for bacterial disease of fish
Feed additive samu OXOLINSAN
  a high concentrated antibacterial preparation for fish
Feed additive samu FLUMEQUIN aqua
  a strong chemotherapeutics for fish
Liquid Megafen Fish-10 Solution
  Broad spectrum antibiotics
Liquid Megafen Fish-20 Solution
  Broad spectrum antibiotics
Powder Samu Neomycin Aqua-10
Powder Samu Neomycin Aqua-20
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