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Injectable solution SULFABERIN injection
  an intestinal normalizer / antidiarrheal (by subcutaneous or IV inject...
Injectable solution CLAMOXI injection
  a broad spectrum antibiotics
Injectable solution AMCILIN-P injection (powder for inj.)
  Bactericidal broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM or IV injection)
Injectable solution NEOTRIL 50 injection
  Broad spectrum quinolone-synthetic antibacterial agent (by IM or subcu...
Injectable solution MOXI-150 LA injection
  Bactericidal broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM injection)
Injectable solution CLEPEN-SM injection
  Broad spectrum antibiotics combination
Soluble powder MYCILLIN soluble powder
  Antibiotics combination
Liquid EAR COP solution
  Treatment of otitis and skin infections in dogs and cats
Powder OXYMYCIN for dogs
  Broad spectrum antibiotics
  Bactericidal antibiotics for dogs
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