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S-MECTIN pellet
  Parasiticide of internal and external parasites
S-MECTIN pour-on
  Parasiticide of external and internal parasites parasites in cattle
Injectable solution PENSTREP LA injection
  Long acting antibiotics combination (by IM injection)
Injectable solution samu TYLOSIN injection
  Powerful antibiotics (by IM injection)
Injectable solution samu GENTA injection
  Broad spectrum bactericidal antibiotics(by IM or subcutaneous injectio...
Injectable solution samu GENTAMICIN-15 injection
  Broad spectrum bactericidal antibiotics
Injectable solution GENTA LA injection
  Long acting Gentamicin injection (by IM injection)
Injectable solution COLIAMCIN injection
  Broad spectrum and bactericidal antibiotics combination (by IM or subc...
Injectable solution samu OXYMYCIN injection
  Broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM, IV or subcutaneous injection)
Injectable solution OXYMYCIN L/A injection
  a long acting broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM injection)
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