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  Bactericidal broad spectrum antibiotics (by IM or IV injection)
AMCILIN-P injection (powder for inj.)
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Injectable solution
Target animal(s) Swine, Bovine, Companion animal
Packing 10g/vial (100mL)

Each 1g contains
Ampicillin sodium ………………………… 1,000 mg (base)

Feature and Benefits
Amcilin-P injection is a broad spectrum semisynthetic penicillins, one of very long historied and important antibiotics, that acts against the both of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria throug the mechanism of hindering bacterial cell wall synthesis. Amcilin-P injection shows efficacies against mastitis, endometritis, otitis externa and foot rot as well as respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and digestive disease such as various bacterial enteritis and diarrhea. And Amcilin-P injection is a powder form that can be reconstituted with the distilled water or saline just before using, so loss of the potency can be minimized.

For prevention and treatment of various bacterial diseases susceptible to Ampicillin
Cattle, Horses, Swine : Pneumonia, bronchitis, bacterial diarrhea
Dogs, Cats : Pneumonia, bronchitis, bacterial diarrhea, bacterial skin infection

Dosage and Use
Dissolve at the ratio of 1g of the product per 10mL of distilled water or saline solution and administer intramuscularly or intravenously 1~2 times a day as follows
Cattle, Horses, Swine : 5~10mL per 100kg of body weight per day
Dogs, Cats : 0.1~0.2mL per kg of body weight per day.

Precaution(s) and others
1.Withdrawal period : Cattle - 28 days, Swine - 7 days, Horses - 63 days, Milk - 3 days.
2.Treat it in accordance with the direction of your veterinarian.