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  Coccidiostat in poultry
Category Anthelmintics/ Insecticides
Product type
Target animal(s) Poultry
Packing 1L

1 liter contains
Amprolium 200g

Feature and Benefits
1. COEX solution is suitable for administration with drinking water and very convenient to use. Also, there is no anxiety of nipple pipe's being clogged.
2. COEX solution has a prominent anti-coccidiosis action and can be used continuously for a long period
3. COEX solution is high concentrated agent and can cut down the expenses.
4. COEX solution has very short withdrawal period as only one day and it can be used safely to brolier just before slaughter for human consumption.

For prevention and treatment of coccidiosis of chicken and turkey

Dosage and Use
- Treatment:
Dissolve in drinking water in the ratio of 0.012%(60 mL of COEX solution per 100L of drinking water) and administer 3-5 consecutive days.
For prevention, also the same dosage is recommended.

※ The cap's volume of COEX solution is approximately for 80 mL and dissolve one and a half cap in one drum (200 L) of drinking water fro easy using.
※ Adjust the dosage according to the change of quantity of drinking water per day due to variation of temperature.
- Treatment of serious case :
Dissolve COEX solution by double concentration of general treatment dosage and administer 3-5 consecutive days.
- At the time of coccidiosis vaccine injection :
Dissolve in drinking water in the ratio of 00050006 % (25–30 mL of COEX solution per 100L of drinking water) and administer 48 hours after 10 days from vaccine injection.

Precaution(s) and others
1. Withdrawal period 1 day
2. Do not use in layers producing eggs.
3. Wash the drinking water container and nipple pipe before and after administration for avoiding cross contamination.