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  Powerful anti-inflammatory agent, Adrenal Hormone (by IM injection)
DEXATON injection
Category General Therapeutics
Product type Injectable solution
Target animal(s) Swine, Bovine, Companion animal, Others
Packing 20mL, 50mL, 100mL vials

Each mL contains
Dexamethaxone Disodium Phosphate ……………………… 1mg

Feature and Benefits
1. As a synthetic adrenocortical hormone, DEXATON injection is widely indicated for ketosis, various inflammations, allergic diseases, shock in operation and combined therapy with antibiotics.
2. DEXATON injection can reduce the use of antibiotics for treatment.
3. DEXATON injection stimulates mammary gland directly, so that it can treat the problem of MMA syndrome (agalactia, mastitis, endometritis)
4. DEXATON injection shows effect without resulting in weakness of defence mechanism against infectious disease.

For treatment of ketosis, periparturient astasia, allergic dermatitis, milk fever, MMA syndrome, arthritis, eczema, otitis, induration due to inflammation, edema, pneumonia, bronchitis, azoturia, tendonitis, vaginitis, metritis, etc.

Dosage and Use
Inject the following dose once a day intramuscularly.
Cattle, Horse : 2mL per 100kg of b.w
In case of induced labor of cattle, 20mL / head
Calves, Adult swine : 3~5mL / head
Piglets : 1~2mL / head
Dog, Cat : 1~2mL / head

Precaution(s) and others
1.Withdrawal period : Cattle, Swine, Horses - 28 days, Milk - 3 days.
2.Treat it in accordance with the direction of your veterinarian.